A third of Russians are willing to buy counterfeit products, a survey by the Higher School of Economics showed, whose data refers to RBC. At the same time, 15% intentionally bought counterfeits in 2022, another 19% suspect they might buy such products.

One in seven Russians in 2022 intentionally bought counterfeit products – HSE

We are sure that 66% of Russians did not buy counterfeit products last year.

Buyers of counterfeit products were divided into two groups during the study: those who bought counterfeit products on purpose and those who were misled by sellers (24% and 54%, respectively). Every fifth (22%) indicated that in some cases they knew and in others they did not know what they were buying.

Based on the results obtained, HSE experts concluded that the Russian market is dominated by the unintentional purchase of fakes associated with fraud by the seller.

The survey also showed that 34% of Russians are willing to buy counterfeit products. This figure is almost double the level of conscious purchases of counterfeit products. At the same time, slightly less than half of the respondents (49%) did not express such a willingness and 11% doubt their intentions. Another 7% found it difficult to answer.

The most popular counterfeit products among Russians are clothing and footwear (40%). Fewer than all respondents buy counterfeit auto parts and software (2.1% and 3.5%, respectively). Russians also buy counterfeit tobacco products (22.5%) and food products (21.9%).


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Source: RB

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