On part of the main roads of Moscow, testing of neural networks has begun; with the help of them, it is planned to detect violations when moving on means of individual mobility, including electric scooters.

In Moscow, to identify offenders on electric scooters began testing neural networks

For the tests, a neural network is used, which is already being used by the Center for Traffic Organization (TsODD), TASS reports with reference to Alexander Bykov, head of the Moscow State traffic inspectorate.

Bykov believes that the main task now is to create the necessary infrastructure for movement on electric scooters.

On March 1, amendments to the rules of the road entered into force in Russia, according to which electric scooters, gyroscooters, segways, unicycles and other devices have the status of individual mobility devices. You can move on them at a speed of no more than 25 km per hour on sidewalks, bike paths and pedestrian paths, and their weight should not exceed 35 kg.


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Source: RB

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