A new function is available for those who use WhatsApp on iPhone. Messenger releases feature to extract text from images At version 23.5.77, it can now be updated on the App Store.

For the text detector to work, device must have iOS 16 installed. This is because the feature uses the operating system’s APIs to work.

To use image text extraction, the user simply has to open the photo with something written on it. Inside you will find a button that looks very similar to the photos in the iPhone gallery or even allows you to copy text when searching for images in the Safari browser..

In addition to copying the text, it is also possible to select only a part of it and search for what is written. However, the function does not support single-image images for privacy reasons.

More functions in WhatsApp

In addition to extracting text from images, the WhatsApp update highlights two more new features in the description. Users can now save audio statusOpen the Status tab, tap the pencil icon, then press and hold the microphone to record.

The other feature is compatibility with the iOS Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. During a WhatsApp video call, the user can leave the app and do another activity without pausing the video.

Source: Tec Mundo

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