Google Pixel 7 brought a unique image editing tool called Photo Unblur that makes photos sharper and clearer with a few taps. Seems like, Google is preparing a similar feature for videos.

According to 9to5Google, big tech tests Video Unblur in version of Google Photos app for Pixel phones. Thus, users will be able to correct blurriness in videos with the help of Machine Learning elements of Google Tensor processors.

HE 9to5Google He shared some test images of Video Unblur on Google Photos. In addition to the main focus correction feature and other flaws, there are still very few features in the tool in development.

One of them is the addition of new overlay effects when editing videos.. There are 14 custom filters in total; “Chromatic” for chromatic aberration effect and “VHS” and “Super 8” simulating old video formats.

The Video Unblur tool follows the same pattern as releasing the HDR effect from Google Photos. The function, which was first offered to edit photos, later became compatible with videos.

Video Unblur should bring new filters to video editing.

Pixel 8 special feature

supposedly, Video Unblur tool will be one of the innovations of future Pixel 8 phones. However, the source code of the Google Photos application does not contain any information about the function associated with the next device of the brand.

Worth mentioning Google has a tradition of rolling out new image editing features with every new generation of smartphones.. For example, Magic Eraser debuted with Pixel 6 and Photo Unblur was introduced with Pixel 7 as mentioned earlier.

The announcement of the Google Pixel 8 series should only take place in the second half of 2023.. Until then, more details about Video Unblur may be revealed in the official notes or new leaks.

Source: Tec Mundo

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