These are Project 21180/21180M ships, which, according to military historian Dmitry Boltenkov, are necessary to ensure Russia’s national security in the Arctic. It is planned to build a ship of the project 21180/21180M “Ilya Muromets”.

This is a diesel-electric icebreaker essential for a wide variety of tasks. Ilya Muromets is the lead ship of Project 21180, the first icebreaker in 45 years built for the needs of the Russian Navy. By the end of 2027, the third ship of the series should enter service, but the time may “go to the right”.

This vessel can reach speeds of up to 15 knots, breaking through meter-thick ice and guiding other ships and vessels through a continuous ice field. The crew of the icebreaker is 32 people, length 85 m, width 20 m. The main technical innovation is the rudder propellers, fixed on the outside of the hull, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees around the vertical axis, which will not only help the ship move. with the bow, but also with the stern and the side. Displacement “Ilya Muromets” – 6 thousand tons.

Boltenkov noted that combat icebreakers can not only be used to break ice, but are also necessary to deploy military infrastructure in the Arctic and carry the necessary equipment for these purposes.

Source: Ferra

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