Complex “Serp-VS5”

The specialists of Roselectronics, which is part of the structure of Rostec, have developed an advanced “long-range” complex for suppressing drone groups, which received the name “Serp-VS5” and, in fact, is a seriously modernized student system “Serp-VS”.

The novelty suppresses the jamming of control signals for the energy of GPS, GLONASS and even the Chinese Beidou, and can also break the connection with drones via Wi-Fi networks within a radius of about 5 kilometers. The control mechanism of the overlapping complex has several UAV control channels at once.

Complex Complex “Serp-VS5”

The Serp-VS5 operates on five different frequencies from 900 MHz to 5.8 GHz, which allows it to be used both with civilian versions of drones and with military and special purpose vehicles.

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Source: Tech Cult

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