How many people in the world currently have an iPhone?

They conducted in-depth market research from Bankmycell to determine how many people are using iPhones.

It is estimated that there are currently more than 7.9 billion people worldwide.

HE iphone Apple is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, in fact one of the best-selling smartphones, with up to 8 different iPhone models in the top 10. On the other hand, in some regions such as the United States or Japan, the iPhone is by far the most used phone among the population. In other countries like Spain, the weight is on Android smartphones.

The truth is, not everyone can buy – or want to – buy an iPhone in 2023. Unfortunately, many consumers can’t afford to waste that much money because the iPhone isn’t exactly a cheap smartphone. On the other hand, there are many users who prefer to use smartphones from Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus or other manufacturers.

Which brings us to the next question… How many people in the world use iPhone?

How many people have iPhones in 2023?


The number of iPhone users could reach 1.56 billion by 2025.

A market price analysis company called Bankmycell did an interesting study of how many iPhone users there are in the world. And they are not few, the results will surprise you. In addition, thanks to this data, we can get the percentage of users who have an iPhone or how many people have recently bought a new iPhone.

The latest United Nations estimates show that there is currently a world population of 7.9 billion. Among all these people, Bankmycell data shows: There will be 1.364 million iPhone users in 2023. So 1 out of 7 people in the world has an iPhone. Apple sold a total of 150 million iPhones internationally in 2022.

How many people in the world own an iPhone each year?

According to this research, 1.265 million people actively used iPhone in 2022. This year, in 2023, 1.364 million people will have iPhones. By 2025, there will be a total of 1,561 people using Apple iPhones.

bank cell

Bankmycell data is collected using linear regression analysis


  • The number of iPhone users is expected to increase to 1.56 billion by 2025.
  • Apple’s user base adoption surpassed 1 billion users in 2020.
  • According to Apple’s financial results to date, the iPhone remains the main source of income.
  • Data is collected based on the number of active devices. A device is considered active when it has used an Apple service in the previous 90 days.

Following this Bankmycell data, there is approximately one percentage point. 18% of iPhone owners worldwide. Some very interesting data that helps us learn about the curious things about our fellow humans around the world.

Source: i Padizate

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