Microsoft announced an innovation Wednesday (15) that will make life easier for Insiders, advanced users who are testing the latest Windows features and checking for bugs before they are finally released to the general public. The company is sending free USB sticks to those who want to try the latest “Canary” version of Windows 11..

The idea is that users are enrolled in the Canary program. can do a clean install of windows 11 Get started with daily builds of the most unstable and least tested version of Windows Insider.

The innovation comes after the Redmond company introduced a new Canary Channel at the beginning of the month. While the news created excitement among those who like to try cutting-edge software, The need to install Windows from scratch alienated those who did not have a special driver for this purpose..

How to get a free USB driver from Microsoft?

The sad part of this news is that; there is no way to order your free usb drive. According to this Beta NewsMicrosoft is the one who will attempt to send an email invitation with a verification code to allow the intended person to make the request.

According to the post, the email contains the text: “To perform a clean install of Windows, we recommend using a blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB of storage. If you don’t have one, request a USB using this code: XXXXXXXXXX. Limited supply. Items first Available on a come-to-take basis.”

Because stock is limited, Microsoft advises those who receive the email to order quickly. Shipping can take six to eight weeks..

Source: Tec Mundo

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