A Sony pod accessory called the Retissa Neoviewer should go on sale early this summer. This is the case of a camcorder with a DSC-HX99 camera that is covered by a laser thermal imager. The picture has a special meaning to the user’s retina, which allows him to be guaranteed to see an image of what the camera is pointing at.

The technology was called retinal projection and appeared back in the 1980s, when the visually impaired poet Elizabeth Goldring came to the laboratory of Robert Webb, the creator of the laser ophthalmoscope. Thanks to the interline Bagodar, it was possible to bypass many gas deficiencies, because

Sony Retissa Neoviewer
Sony Retissa Neoviewer

The development of the representative commissioned by Sony took up the company QD Laser. The device allows access to all its functions of the base camera, with the help of which you can shoot vd. This significantly expands the possibilities of using digital otics for visually impaired people. Unfortunately, the cost of the device is still unknown.

Source: Tech Cult

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