Drones operate autonomously, taking pictures and video outside of working hours, using cameras and sensors to scan every pallet in the warehouse. They forward the collected information to a central system that updates product availability and identifies any inconsistencies or errors.

IKEA began trials with Verity drones in Switzerland in 2020 and was pleased with the results. The company says its drones have improved the accuracy of their inventory counts and also improved working conditions by freeing workers from doing manual counts.

Verity is a Swiss company specializing in the construction of drones for various purposes. It was founded by Raffaello D’Andrea, one of the founders of Kiva Systems, which would later become Amazon Robotics.

“The rollout of drones and other advanced tools such as picking robots is a win-win situation for everyone. Tolga Onku, Head of Retail at Ingka Group, owner of IKEA, said: “This improves the well-being of our employees, lowers operating costs and helps us to be more accessible and convenient for our customers. provides,” he said.

In the summer of 2022, it became known that IKEA completely left Russia.

Source: Ferra

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