“Yandex.Market” presents a new scheme for the analysis of conflicts and contentious situations for owners of collection points (POI), the company’s press service said. The service will create a special working group, which will include, among other things, representatives of industry associations.

Yandex.Market will create a working group to resolve disputes with the owners of the collection points

The new structure will suggest how to resolve the issues raised by PVZ holders. So, if the store violates the rules of the site, and the market blocks it, the representatives of the group can advise the service to establish a trial period in which the partner will correct the violations.

The competition of the group will be the consideration of a variety of misunderstandings or controversial topics. We are talking both about disabling the item for non-compliance with the rules, and approving requests to open new collection points. You can contact the working group if at all other stages, for example, on site technical support, it was not possible to solve the problem.

Earlier, a scandal broke out in Moscow related to the Wildberries market and the collection points that work with it. The conflict has spread to the regions. The owners of the collection points went to the main office of the market in Moscow and opposed the new system of fines. It implied compensation from the point of issuance of the value of the merchandise in the event of its return.

In response to the strike, Wildberries began blocking the collection point, causing even more uproar on social media and in the media. As a result, the company had to create a Conciliation Commission. After their first meeting, the market unlocked the previously disabled pickup points.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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