A young man was arrested at customs in Qingmao, China, while attempting to fulfill a nearly impossible task: smuggling PC hardware into the country. He was spotted by the inspection while trying to cross the border between Macau and Zhuhai. with 84 Kingston NVMe SSD hidden inside your electric scooter.

The incident, which customs officials reported on their WeChat pages this month, says they became suspicious when the boy tried to overtake his vehicle on the road. “non-declared mat”that the goods do not have to go through a rigorous inspection process.

Forced by investigators to deliver the object to an X-ray machine, the smuggler uncovered a series of unknown objects hidden inside the bumper.

How did Chinese agents discover the smuggling attempt?

After X-ray equipment determined the presence of foreign objects, customs officials removed the scooter’s front bumper and were surprised to find a collection of solid-state drives glued to the inside of the axle tube. Later, investigators photographed the transport and illegal objects.

Apparently, the only thing that wasn’t really talked about was the fate of the future smuggler. It is true that the equipment is in custody due to illegal imports and is in a very comfortable state. – mainly in China – is considered a serious crime.

While it is possible to observe that this is an NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) interface, neither the model nor the capacity of the seized storage devices have been disclosed by the inspection agency.

Source: Tec Mundo

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