Yandex.Market has released a collection of furniture for owners of collection points (PIU) – it coincides with the brand book of the service. This was reported to RB.RU by a service representative. At the same time, according to information from the Yandex Market PVZ Telegram channel, sales of furniture for PVZ began on February 13.

Yandex.Market launches furniture for collection points

Furniture can be assembled by yourself. The collection includes an unpacking table, a table with a mirror for trying on shoes, a bench, a cash register, a fitting room, a pouffe and an additional cabinet. You can order furniture in the Market for Business service.

The market also announced that it has simplified the conditions for opening new branded pickup points: to open a new point, you now need not seven mandatory pieces of furniture, as before, but three. It consists of a cash desk, a changing room with a pouffe and a table to unpack.

At the time of material publication, there are three items available for purchase in the Market for Business: an unpacking table, a mirrored table for trying on shoes, and an additional cabinet for the checkout.

Ozon also has a separate category of products “Equipment for Collection Points”. Now there are more than 500 products.


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Source: RB

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