The Seoul Mediterranean authorities are building a giant Ferris wheel around the city. Before walking 180 meters one way, the height is very high, and there is no budget for construction.

The significance of the future entertainment attraction is also approaching because the new review of the wheel will be on top in the global standings after the Ain Dubai wheel, which is located in the UAE and has a height of 250 meters. At a time, he will be able to take up to 1470 passengers, serving up to 11970 people daily.

Ferris wheel

The details of the project are not fully disclosed. However, it is required that part of the intersection for the operation of the wheels will give foreign sources. Similarly, the spots look unrecognizable because this project is modeled after a classic design. Instead, the movement of the carriages on the outer rim is provided by a special gear system.

The Seoul Phenomenon will occur on the artificial Nodeul Island in Haneul Park. Previously, there was a dump of household waste, but the start of p + is expected to be planned by Seoul Ring in 2025, two years later a new tietot

Ferris wheel

Source: Tech Cult

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