Qiwi appealed against the decision of the management of the Nasdaq exchange to delist the shares, the owners of Daughter-Sonny can be held vicariously responsible, the demand for trade literature in Russia is falling and other events on March 22, in the summary of RB.RU .

Qiwi Appeals Nasdaq Delisting Decision, Vicarious Liability Of “Daughters And Sons”: The Main Thing March 22


  • The Russian group of companies Qiwi appealed against the decision of the management of the Nasdaq stock exchange to delist shares. At the time of trial, trading in the securities will be suspended and the delisting decision will not be upheld.


  • The Ministry of Finance will develop a procedure to compensate the damages that the operators of the gaming areas may suffer in the event of their closure or reduction, and a mechanism to protect the rights of Russians who have prohibited themselves from playing. The right to compensation for investors will be valid for 10 years from the moment the gaming zone was created, writes Kommersant.
  • The owners of the “Daughters and Sons” retailer can be held vicariously liable. The bankruptcy trustee wants to recover almost 1.5 billion rubles from them, Vedomosti reported.
  • Demand for trade literature in Russia is falling: in February, according to various publishers, sales were down 10-28% year-on-year in physical terms, Kommersant learns.
  • A queue of creditors lined up for the bankruptcy of Google LLC: 885 Russian companies filed applications to include their claims in the lawsuit. Most of the lawsuits are related to the failure to provide advertising placement services, Vedomosti notes.
  • Foreign investors in the sale of real estate in Russia could not receive up to 50 billion rubles. The remaining portfolio of commercial real estate is estimated without discounts at 800 billion rubles, RBC analysts calculated.


  • The Russian government is tossing around the idea of ​​creating a fund to support developers of drone control simulators and other similar equipment. It is planned to allocate money for this through a separate fund.


  • Passengers are asking the transport ministry to extend coupons that expire in the spring for flights canceled due to the pandemic or to provide carriers with money from the budget for a refund, Kommersant learned.


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