It was only a matter of time until GPT-4 I would jump to Second pilottool Github is designed to suggest and autocomplete code, and does so in conjunction with co-pilot x. This is a new version of the Developer Assistant that takes your experience to the next level. Not only because it includes the latest OpenAI artificial intelligence, but also because it adds a ChatGPT-style chatbot with text and voice support.

Copilot X will no longer only be able to help you program, but will also be able to answer your questions by parsing lines of code, or pull requests (review requests that are often sent to other developers) and documentation for the software or project you are working on.

As explained Thomas DomkeCEO of GitHub, Copilot X natively integrates with both the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), visual studioas a source code editor Aircraft code. Which is not surprising, given that these are the two most important tools that Microsoft has developed for those who are into programming.

But that’s not all, Copilot X wants to revolutionize the experience of its users. And his ChatGPT-style tool promises radically change the interaction of programmers with the code.

“GitHub Copilot Chat is not just a chat window. It recognizes what code the developer has written, what error messages are displayed, and is deeply integrated into the IDE. A developer can get detailed analysis and explanations of what blocks of code are for, generate unit tests, and even get suggestions for fixing bugs.”

Thomas Domke, CEO of GitHub

GPT-4 comes to GitHub with Copilot X

GPT-4 appears on GitHub thanks to Copilot X
Photo by Roman Sinkevich on Unsplash

As GitHub explains, much of the Copilot X experience and its new ChatGPT-style chat feature, builds on the work done by Microsoft to integrate the chatbot into Bing.. But another great new addition to this story is the inclusion of GitHub Copilot Voice, a feature that, as its name suggests, allows programmers to perform actions using their voice.

As we said at the beginning, Copilot X intends to take advantage of GPT-4 for more than just code hinting. It will also make it easier to understand the software you are working on and allow you to study its documentation; even if it is limited. But another remarkable feature, in which he intends to make great use of it, is pull requests.

What can artificial intelligence do? add auto tags in the descriptions of the review requests that developers make before merging their code into a branch. But the idea behind GitHub is to improve this feature even more in the future. Later, for example, Copilot X will automatically suggest sentences and paragraphs to programmers when creating new ones. pull requests. And will generate alerts when he discovers that not enough tests have been done on them.

Finally, GitHub will bring Copilot to the terminal. It will be hand in hand Copilot Command Line Interfacewhere artificial intelligence, among other things, will be able to compose commands and loops.

It’s clear that GPT-4 has the potential to change how programmers work, and GitHub doesn’t want to waste it. Since its launch, over 1 million developers have used Copilot, and they have written 46% of the code on the platform. Although he was also at the center of controversy for “stealing” the work of other developers. It remains to be seen what impact the new Copilot X will have, but all indications are that it raises the experience a few notches.

Source: Hiper Textual

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