AI is already used in a wide variety of fields and will soon have a role in the gaming world, at least in the case of Ubisoft. The French company announced that it has developed a tool to assist screenwriters in their work.

According to the information announced by the producer, the project in question was named Ubisoft Ghostwriter. As the first task, It will help create the first prototype lines for crowds, as well as some dialogue lines for NPCs. The goal with this is to stop the team from working on tasks that are considered more repetitive.

“We’re introducing Ubisoft Ghostwriter, an in-house built artificial intelligence tool to help our writers create the first speech prototypes for the expressions and sounds NPCs emit when the player interacts with the game world,” the producer said.

You can learn a little more about the initiative in the video below:

negative reactions

The announcement of this new technology was made last Tuesday (21), and it wasn’t long before it was met with a backlash by many in the industry. For example, some developers claimed on social networks: Ubisoft should invest more in writers rather than relying solely on technologies.

“As a writer, having to edit scripts and AI-generated dialogue sounds like more work than writing my own lines. [os famosos AAA] Instead of building tools like this, use the budget you have to hire more writers,” wrote Alanah Pearce of Santa Monica Studios.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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