Despite dying of pancreatic cancer in October 2011, Steve Jobs remains one of the most famous and respected figures when it comes to technology. One of the founders of Apple, the businessman is remembered for revolutionizing different markets and fields with his inventions and products that have shaped an entire generation of people and still resonate with society.

Now Jobs has been “come alive” through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot trained to sound like him and answer questions like he was the ex-president of Apple. The amazing feature was created by John H. Meyer and superimposed on the craze of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot created by the OpenAI company.

“Jobs” responses

As Meyer explains in his post, to “recreate” Jobs he needed to train an AI chatbot to emulate the entrepreneur’s voice and then connect it to the ChatGPT API. He then integrated everything into Facebook Messenger so he could talk to Jobs about anything.

In one of the chats, the internet user asks Jobs what he thinks about the situation with the site. Gizmodo and the leaking of the iPhone 4 prototype. The chatbot answers in detail through Jobs’ voice that he felt very upset and frustrated, but that he had resolved everything legally as it should have been and considers the problem a major one. learning experience. In short, an extremely coherent response that actually seems to come from a real person.

As ChatGPT and similar technologies advance, we are seeing more and more startling experiments done by users exploring the possibilities that the AI ​​field produces.

Source: Tec Mundo

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