Alexa has had great success in recent years in bringing tools that help in everyday life. With Amazon’s personal assistant, it is possible to quickly access weather and traffic information, or even automate the entire residence, for example, asking it to turn off the lights or change the television channel.

With so many features, it’s normal for users to have some doubts about the assistant on the internet. And today TecMundo decided to answer one of the most frequently asked questions from users: Is there a way to change Alexa’s voice?

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Is there a way to change Alexa’s voice?


Yes! It is possible to change Alexa’s voice and you just need to follow a few small steps to perform the procedure. We bring two ways to follow:

Ask Alexa to change the voice

Say “Alexa, change your voice” when the device is set up. Automatically the personal assistant will present some user-selectable tones.

Change Alexa’s voice via the app

Another way to change Alexa’s voice is to use the assistant app:

1. Click “Devices” on the main page.

2. Select “All Devices” and select the Echo Dot where you want to change the sound.

3. Click on “Settings” and then press “General” with your finger.

4. Select “Alexa Voice” and select the desired tone.

It’s worth remembering that Amazon is constantly releasing new sounds for Alexa. Therefore, it is useful to follow new news to get the most out of the assistant’s features.

Now that you’ve learned how to customize your Alexa’s voice, how about getting to know some of the models:

Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Image: Echo Dot 3rd Gen
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The device that cannot be missing from your home. Ask for music, news and information, call friends and family, and control compatible smart home devices with your voice.

Echo Dot 4th Generation

Image: Echo Dot 4th Gen
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The most successful smart speaker with Alexa with front-facing sound design (1 speaker 1.6″) that guarantees more bass and full sound. Order, chat with Alexa and modernize and integrate your home intelligently.

Echo Show 5 2nd Generation

Image: Echo Show 5 2nd Generation
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With Echo Show 5 2nd Generation, you can set alarm and timer, check your calendar or news, make video calls, play music or TV shows with the 2 MP camera on this smart speaker.

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