It seems that Tesla, SpaceX and Starlink decided to drop the criticism after statements and suggestions made to the owner to stop the conflict in Ukraine and reduce tensions between China and Taiwan. Note that Musk declared that it is unacceptable to use Starlink terminals in hostilities, after which the Armed Forces of Ukraine are prohibited from monitoring new territories of Russia. All this bothers the Biden Administration.

But they write that the real thorn is the buyout and change in Twitter policy: Since Musk is part of absolute freedom of expression, users have the opportunity to express their opinions more freely than before. Officials fear the impact of the social network and Musk personally on viewers, including those related to the conflict in Ukraine.

At the same time, Musk’s independent behavior draws attention. It is he who unilaterally decides how Starlink satellites for the Armed Forces will work. Such issues are not brought up for discussion with the Pentagon and officials, which is not typical for a US defense contractor.

Source: Ferra

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