Scientists have found that foods with a lot of sugar and fat change our brain. And if we eat them regularly, even in small quantities, the brain learns to continue consuming this particular food. A scientific paper confirming this has been published in Cell Metabolism.

Why do we love junk food so much? The tendency to such foods can be congenital or develop due to excess weight. Experts also believe that the brain can learn this preference.

To test this assumption, a group of volunteers were given a small pudding high in sugar and fat in addition to their normal diet. And so it went on every day for eight weeks. Another group of participants took the pudding, which had the same amount of calories but less fat.

It turns out that when eating chips and other junk food, the brain is rebuilt. He subconsciously learns to prefer precisely such products. Therefore, we will always unconsciously prefer fatty and sweet foods to others.

Source: Ferra

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