From March 20 to March 26, AliExpress is hosting a mega sale with discounts up to 80%. There are a lot of goods on the site that can be temporarily bought much cheaper. In order not to get lost in their diversity, there were a few really interesting ones.

1. Reverse surveillance video recorder


A popular DVR with the function of processing the installation, the presence of dimensions, as well as attractive appearance.

It has a swivel design that allows you to record everything that happens in the cabin, as well as a lot of intelligent features.

An important feature of the device was also built-in GPS trackerwhich makes it possible to select a car remotely.

▶︎ Price: 37 270 RUB 18,188

2. Home mini projector for kids and adults


A portable prosecutor that can be used anywhere – not only inside his premises, but also outside.

He has a nice picture. At a distance of about 3.3 meters, he produces a 120-inch picture. In this case, the most ordinary wall is quite suitable for the role of the screen.

The device works very quietly, and this is its strong point. Its volume is only 30 dB, so it does not distract from watching movies and TV shows, and does not interfere with sleep.

▶︎ Price: 24 000 RUB 13,674

3. Compact multitool for all occasions


Cool multitool for all occasions, which is built on the basis of pliers.

It includes knives, a saw, scissors, a couple of opening locks, a screwdriver and more. All tools are well made and very removed during active collection.

The multi-tool comes with a good storage and carrying case.

▶︎ Price: 1 971 832 rub.

4. Smart door lock with handle and passcode


Xiaomi smart door lock with support for Apple HomeKit, as well as the manufacturer’s proprietary technologies.

He interesting not only the possibility of remote openingbut also reliability. Apple’s certification clearly hints at this.

A lock can reveal a collection of use objects. It looks great and goes well with the interior.

▶︎ Price: 19 931 RUB 15,148

5. Travel adapter for sockets all over the world


Universal adapter for all outlets, including North American and UK standards. Ideal option for travelers.

In addition, the adapter is also comes with multiple USB-A portswhich make it possible to use for charging small mobile equipment without additional power supplies.

▶︎ Price: 903 713 rub.

6. Intelligent drawer lock


Lock for drawers and other cabinets, which is opened with a special card, as well as several key fobs in the “tablet” format from the delivery set.

not bad option for home or officewhen a locker needs to be closed from curious colleagues, employees or children.

▶︎ Price: 1 351 536 rub.

7. A set of organizers for vitamins by day of the week


Great set of organizers for vitamins. It includes seven boxes for each day of the week. Each of them consists of separate compartments for morning, afternoon and evening.

The boxes worked very well. They are made of translucent black plastic with white markings.

Product reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

▶︎ Price: 1712 541 rub.

8. Bath faucet with temperature selection


A shower faucet that solves the problem of handling water temperature once and for all. For this he has regulator with mechanical marks.

The faucet is available in a couple of finishes, including silver and black.

▶︎ Price: 6 246 3 810 rub.

9. Convenient magnetic smartphone holder


Foldable magnetic car holder that can be almost invisible between use.

When you need it, it will only be enough to expand it to install your smartphone.

The holder has a magnetic design, which makes it possible to rotate it depending on your own desire.

▶︎ Price: 779 374 rub.

10. Car jump starter with power bank


A piece that should be in every car. Starter charger, which will help out in the event that if the battery is suddenly discharged.

It can be connected to the terminals using a special “crocodile” to start the car.

In addition, the device can also use a portable power bank for smartphone, tablet and other devices. Its capacity is estimated at 11,100 mAh.

▶︎ Price: 10 683 3 860 rub.

11. Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones


Xiaomi fully wireless earphones in an interesting shape that attracts attention.

The headphones themselves are also quite unusual. They are implemented in the format of inserts with an enlarged “nose” for the ear canal.

Thanks to this, improved sound insulation and the possibility of implementing work active noise reduction technology.

▶︎ Price: 17 386 RUB 9,040

12. Cordless vacuum cleaner for dry and tourist cleaning.


Roborock cordless vacuum cleaner, which is distinguished by its omnivorous nature. With it, you can clean not only dry garbage, but also wet.

Vacuum enough easy handling and convenient storage. He has the most positive reviews, so it makes sense to pay attention to him.

▶︎ Price: 44 488 RUB 30,179

13. Air freshener with remote control


Baseus ultra-compact air freshener most commonly used in car. It is very attractive and will look good in the cabin.

The freshener can be adjusted as quickly as possible, and remotely using special applications.

▶︎ Price: 5 341 RUB 2,777

14. Ultra-compact car vacuum cleaner


Incredibly compact Baseus vacuum cleaner, which is cool to throw in your car, if only just in case.

It has a round shape and size, which perfect for bottle slots in door cards.

It will not work to pick up the car completely using this installation. But getting rid of crumbs left after children, or sand poured from shoes, is not a problem at all.

▶︎ Price: 4 108 RUB 2,054

15. Advanced robot vacuum cleaner for home and office


A very good Roborock robot vacuum cleaner, which can be equipped with a station with a large garbage storage unit. So not emptying the tank manually will work for weeks.

The robot vacuum cleaner is interesting in terms of cleaning efficiencysupport wet towel function, smart 3D map design, long autonomy and high power.

This is Roborock. The company has been producing flagship robotic vacuum cleaners for many years, which are put on the dashboard from the best side every day.

▶︎ Price: 46 028 RUB 26,696

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