The government is going to support the creation of technology holdings that will unite various start-ups in the industry with a client, a manufacturing company and investors. This is reported by the Vedomosti newspaper with reference to the draft concept of technological development until 2030, the authors of which are the Cabinet of Ministers, companies and the community of experts.

The authorities proposed uniting Russian tech startups into stakes

The initiative to create holdings with new companies came from Skolkovo, it is planned to be implemented together with VEB.RF (it is assumed that it will receive funds from VEB).

State companies will be able to direct investments in the technology sector (now there are risk restrictions). Participants of such holdings will receive the benefits that Skolkovo residents now have:

  • abolish income tax
  • tax free
  • reduce insurance premiums
  • set zero property tax,
  • provide benefits for customs payments.

Skolkovo board chairman Igor Drozdov told the publication that by 2023 the fund hopes to create at least three such consortia, including in the field of cybersecurity and unmanned vehicles.

The number of new companies within the associations will depend on the specific industries; there can be up to 3 or 5, or several dozen. The holding is expected to be built around an underlying asset, other projects will complement its competencies, creating a synergistic effect. A separate legal entity will be created for the merger.

The concept of technological development, within which it is proposed to combine startups in holdings, contains three main sections: sustainable technological sovereignty, technological development as a factor of economic growth and sustainable development of production systems.


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Source: RB

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