If you know a little about hardware, you may have made some connections between SSD and HD to increase your storage capacity without losing speed on your most frequent tasks. However, there are some roles in the tech world. ideal would be to have all this on SSD drives only. This is where advanced connectivity systems like the Apex X21 come into play.

This piece of hardware works simply: Allows up to 21 M.2 SSD drives to be connected in the same structure. Considering the most powerful SSDs available up to 8TB, the total 168TB of storage with all the power of this technology. That means up to 31GB/s read and write — that’s right “read” This write” — that can go over 100 GB/s with adapters.

Who needs 168TB on SSD?

While it’s pretty obvious that you won’t be using it to save games, it’s important to understand how interesting this is for the next steps in technology in the world. It is estimated that components such as X21 of Apex Storage, which does not experience loss in read and write time with its large storage capacities, can be used for large databases and also for machine learning applications with artificial intelligence.

Apex X21 uses PCIe x16 ports to connect to computers. There’s no word yet on how much each device will charge, but for those on a budget, spending this value certainly won’t be a big deal. 21 x 8TB SSD drives – what would happen today About R$210k in Brazil.

It’s worth noting that this 168TB capacity could be doubled as soon as 16TB units hit the market. In this case, the ultimate value of “the world’s toughest storage drive” is much saltier. Another important point: due to energy consumption, 150 Watts reserved for the system are required in full use mode.

Source: Tec Mundo

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