Rekish Cosmetics is a company that provides services for the development and production of various types of cosmetic products, from facial products to toothpastes and rinses, under the client’s brand. The company is open to cooperation with new and existing sellers in the markets and offers the production of cosmetics according to ready-made recipes or with a unique composition. You can get an individual calculation using the online calculator on the site.

Rekish Cosmetics offers to launch a contract cosmetics brand

Why you should pay attention to contract manufacturing for sellers who want to sell their own branded cosmetics in markets:

  • It is not necessary to be an expert and understand cosmetic formulations.

The manufacturer will offer ready-made certified products, and the entrepreneur will only have to order a label design from the designer or develop a unique cosmetic line, but even here the company takes care of all stages.

Another common option is when a client takes a sample of his favorite cosmetic product into production and develops its analogue, but under a new brand.

  • production speed

The production process of own cosmetics in a contract company consists of the following stages:

  1. Product selection.

  2. Product skin tests.

  3. Certification.

  4. Label development.

  5. Single batch production.

  6. Shipping (you can immediately to the markets).

The entire process takes 14-21 business days.

  • You don’t need a large team of specialists.

Basically, it takes one person to launch your beauty product: an entrepreneur. The design of the label can be entrusted to production or ordered from a freelancer.

  • You can start with a small product line.

Brands, especially the popular ones, have quite a wide product line: a variety of face creams for all ages and skin needs, body and hair products, etc. But one product is enough to enter the market, and contract manufacturing allows this to happen.

  • Launching your own brand of cosmetics is inexpensive.

So, a batch of a thousand hand creams, with a volume of 100 ml, in the production of Rekish Cosmetics will cost 73 thousand rubles, shampoos, with a volume of 200 ml, – 95 thousand rubles, a body scrub with coconut. oil and mango, with a volume of 250 g, – 119 thousand rubles.

Detailed information is on the website.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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