1. Illegal downloads.

If someone else is using your internet connection to download illegal content, it will leave an online trace on your router.

2. Malware distribution.

If a device such as a smartphone is infected with malware and connects to your Wi-Fi network, it can attack your computers, phones, and tablets.

3. Traffic expenditure.

Someone with access to your network can use your traffic and download something “big” from the internet.

4. Access to data.

By allowing someone to connect to your Wi-Fi network, you are effectively allowing someone to access the system that the data is passing through.

5. Don’t block your IP.

Some websites, including social media and online gaming, may block IP addresses of users who violate their terms of service. If someone using your network did this, then you yourself will suffer.

6. Password usage.

This can be abused if the password on your Wi-Fi network matches passwords on other accounts.

7. Internet slowdown.

If you’re watching a movie in 4K and your friend or neighbor is downloading large files and playing a game online, you may find that things aren’t going so well.

8. Illegal activities on the Internet.

It can happen not only in downloads, but also in other legal violations.

9. Using other network devices.

Someone can connect to your smart home, for example.

10. Your password can be shared.

Yes, no one is exempt from the fact that your friend will give the password to another friend. And this increases all the above risks.

Source: Ferra

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