Microsoft introduces Windows 12 with a redesigned CorePC platform.

In doing so, special attention is paid to artificial intelligence and unusual hardware and software, which was implemented on the Mac using Apple Silicon.

Windows 12 can analyze the displayed content and display prompts for quickly launching projects or applications based on the information you view.

The system will recognize objects and text in images. Mind users have the ability to cut these elements and paste them elsewhere.

Windows 12 updates will be lighter and feel faster than Windows 10 and 11 updates.

This was achieved by installing the system on several hard disk partitions at once, and not on one, as is currently the case.

CorePC assumes the release of various versions of Windows 12, which differ in their capabilities. For example, some Windows 12 builds don’t work with Win32 apps.

Microsoft is now opting for a version of Windows 12 for low-cost school PCs that is tied to competition from Chromebooks. This system only has Edge and Office. Users can also run Android apps. This version of Windows 12 is about 60-75% smaller than Windows 11 SE. [Windows Central]

Source: Iphones RU

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