V the ongoing AI revolution, images and text are the news of yesterday, while audio remains the new frontier to explore and incredible progress has already been made. Here are six examples of AI sound generation that will blow your mind.

Twitter is the heart of AI emotions, and renowned AI curator Barsi has compiled 13 examples of computer sound that creates music, voices, and speech, and we’re highlighting six of them. Musicians and voice actors may face the challenge of AI intrusion.

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Let’s start with one of the most frightening examples barsi showing Matt Damon’s UN speech on climate change, but in several different voices.

11labs’ new AI voice cloning technology is alarmingly good. pic.twitter.com/omEiuHYRf3

— Barsi 🐶 (@heyBarsee) February 13, 2023

The voice oscillates between that of Damon and that of Joe Rogan, Steve Jobs, Robert Downey Jr., Bill Gates and Kim Kardashian. Perfect lip-synching and faithful celebrity voice reproduction means we can no longer trust our ears.

Another example of impersonation takes a humorous approach: President Joe Biden confronts former President Donald Trump in a game of talk about surveillance trash (and swear freely). This example was taken from a tweet by twitter userwho explained that this was done with the free voice.ai tool.

this is what AI voice generation should be pic.twitter.com/VASGmKasOU

— bug (@augerbug) February 16, 2023

Below is a somewhat obscure example barsi with AI imitating the voice of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen describing a day in the life of an internet troll while holding a photo American Psycho StarChristian Bale.

Nvidia demonstrated voice generation in 2021 – ancient history given the rapid pace of development – and now the process has become much easier: they managed to clone a voice in just three seconds of sound.

Perhaps the most shocking example? AI-generated voices impersonating popular artists. Voices are not a problem for AI, and Robert Nixon tweeted a snippet of a rap song in which his voice was replaced with that of Kanye. If you are familiar with his voice, the impersonation is really strange.

And just like that. The music industry has changed forever.

I recorded a verse and Kanye’s trained artificial model replaced my vocals.

The results will amaze you. Absolutely incredible. pic.twitter.com/wY1pn9RGWx

— Roberto Nixon (@rpnickson) March 26, 2023

In addition to AI and music entertainment, Spotify recently announced a partnership with OpenAI to offer an AI-powered DJ that plays songs and selects the music you like.

Finally, check out this refreshing creative use of AI that was posted on Twitter. Toby. An example is an intriguing short film, last fight. The creators used Brightpen.ai to generate dozens of multilingual voices reacting to first contact with aliens.

First correct #AI generated movie is fucking scary pic.twitter.com/y2zbJm8vli

— Toby (@notTobi_) April 1, 2023

You can see the whole thread with 13 AI audio samples collected barsi On Twitter.

Source: Digital Trends

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