HE google drive introduced a new limit on the number of files stored in accounts, regardless of the amount of space or plan available. Users are now limited to a total of 5 million items created, including folders and documents..

The change was confirmed by a Google Workspace spokesperson. The representative claimed that the limitation was put in place to maintain the strong performance and reliability of the cloud service, which made cuts to Google Photos storage in 2021.

Google emphasized that the change only affects a small number of users. The company also suggested deleting some files that exceed the limit for Google Drive – but this is quite difficult for the casual user.

Users report problems

According to reports on Reddit, the sudden app has been an inconvenience for some people, especially those with lots of stored stuff. Some companies were also severely affected by the change, causing major disruptions to their daily operations. Some also complained about the lack of guidance and reported problems with creating new folders even with lower item counts.

In Brazil, one can subscribe to Google One to guarantee up to 2TB of storage, but the plans don’t mention file upload limitations. Microsoft rival OneDrive has a limit of 50,000 items per folder, while Dropbox claims that in its case it doesn’t exist.

The biggest issue is that no matter what plan a Google user subscribes to, the 5 million limit applies even if they have storage left. Those with lots of small files will likely hit their storage limit sooner and may be paying for more space than they need.

Source: Tec Mundo

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