The company that manages the McDonald’s restaurant chain in Belarus has denied the name change to “We are open.” KSB Victory Restaurants reported that they had not yet decided on a new name, although the “We are open” logo was published on the company’s official page on February 5.

“KSB Victory Restaurants” denied the renaming of McDonald’s restaurants in Belarus to “We are open”

The former McDonald’s restaurant chain in Belarus has not yet received a new official name, according to the company KSB Victory Restaurants, which manages the chain. They clarified that they have not yet decided on a new name for the restaurants, although they have already received more than 1.5 thousand proposals with the name of the new brand.

On March 30, Soyuznoye Veche reported that McDonald’s restaurants in Belarus and Kazakhstan were named “We are open.” The new logo, representing the name, was published on the KSB Victory Restaurants page on February 5.

At the time McDonald’s left Belarus, 25 restaurant chains were operating in the country.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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