1. ASUS ROG Ally console.

ROG has released a colorful promotional video for the portable console. And according to Videocardz, this could be the best tech prank of the year. The set-top box allegedly runs the Windows operating system and uses the best AMD APU.


This tech joke never gets old. NZXT claims to have entered the GPU market for a long time. On April 1, the company showed off an image of a white graphics card generated by artificial intelligence.

3. Razer Razor.

This is a computer mouse with a built-in electric razor in case you forget to shave your face before playing.

4. Power engineer MSI.

MSI wants gamers to feel energized and fit during long gaming sessions with a sugar-free energy drink.

5. AORUS RGB Cat Stand.

AORUS showed what a special stand with mesh could look like, which can be placed directly on the computer system unit.

6. Fanless fan BeQuiet…with artificial intelligence.

Yes, you read it right. It is a bladeless fan with artificial intelligence to control the airflow and speed depending on the environment.

Source: Ferra

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