The name “Bedayat” is translated from Arabic as “the beginning” and is symbolic – the observed structure is associated with the celebration of the rise of the economy of Saudi Arabia. The uniqueness of the object is given by two diseases. Firstly, this is the fastest building of its concrete, it took only a day to build. Secondly, it is also the most short-lived, the structure will be dismantled immediately after the end of the celebration.

Bedayat Tent

The concept of “Bedayat” to capture the tents of the Bedouins, desert nomads. There is nothing superfluous here, and at the same time, almost all materials can be reused. The structure is made of concrete, and not nearly half of the 300 ton weight is recyclable. The building was erected in an unusual way – from top to bottom, using a 156-ton concrete ring as a base. An example of 14 cranes lifted it up and in size while builders attached a concrete “wrap” to the steel frame.

Bedayat Tent

A temporary concrete tent was purposely erected over the existing helicopter shelter, and then dismantled a few times, vovobol. During its use, it has become a museum and an arena for showing films of the country’s history. It was construction and originated in a cauldron – on which he improvised a project screen camera video.

Source: Tech Cult

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