Company specializing in storage media Western Digital this Monday (3) confirmed that “a security incident” has been detected in their internal systems. The company has not yet confirmed how this happened or whether it caused any damage.

Apparently, the company the target of a cyber attack or to create unauthorized access. This is because Western Digital claims that the person responsible “has collected some data”, but the source, significance and amount of this information has yet to be confirmed.

What really happened?

In the official statement confirming the incident, the American company says that the incident occurred in the past days. 26 March 2023. The company is working with forensic experts and outside analysts to understand exactly what the damage was, and is working with law enforcement to find the culprits. More detailed announcements should be made soon.

Even due to the introduction of new scanning and security measures, some systems and services may experience instability in the coming days. Web site TechRadar determined that WD My Cloud Home, cloud storage has received a few complaints lately for being down over the weekend. However, this does not mean that the attack targeted this platform.

Source: Tec Mundo

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