In 2022, there were about 5.5 billion mobile phones on the planet. In other words, 70 percent of the world’s population owns at least one of these devices.

Today it is a trend, and mobile devices of this type have become the norm. In fact, many people cannot live without it.

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It is difficult for them to imagine what life was like when there were no mobile phones. But you don’t have to look far to find out, as the mobile phone is a relatively recent invention.

The first call from a mobile phone occurred on April 3, 1973, 50 years ago. The main character was engineer Martin Cooper, who used a Motorola DynaTac 8000X for this historic event.

“It was about 25 x 5 x 10 centimeters and weighed over a kilogram, and you could only talk for 20 minutes before the battery ran out. People laugh at him, but at that time it was the best thing that could be done, ”Cooper explains in an interview with the BBC.

“I’m calling you from my cell phone”

At the time, the engineer was working at Motorola. Despite months of preparation for this long-awaited first call, when the time came, he didn’t know who to call.

After thinking about it, he decided to contact an AT&T representative, so he called his colleague Joel Engel.

“Well, I dialed his phone and it was a miracle that he answered me himself, so I greeted him and said:” I’m Marty Cooper, and I’m calling you from a mobile phone: pocket, portable and personal phone, “says he is in the same interview.

Of course, at the time, neither the engineer nor the rest of the company had any idea of ​​the magnitude of that first historic call, much less what the cell phone would become in the future.

They saw it as more of a hectic competition with AT&T, more interested in making a mobile phone but for use in cars.

This first call created so little anticipation that when it came time to present it to the press, only fifteen journalists arrived.

The communicators’ mind changed when the reporter was able to call his mother, who lives in Australia, from the same conference on the phone provided to her by Cooper.

Of course, it will be several more years before this innovative technology will be widely used among the population.

“Most people thought they would never be able to afford such a phone. It cost over $4,000 and the service was extremely expensive. So at first it really was a toy for the rich.”

Source: Digital Trends

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