Explaining why Apple would hypothetically be interested in AR/VR hardware, Cook explained, “…the idea that you can place things in the digital world above the physical world can greatly improve people’s communication to achieve something they haven’t been able to achieve before.”

The journalist reminded Cook of how he criticized smart glasses like Google Glass. Apple’s president admitted he was wrong: “My thinking is always improving… So if you’re told something new that tells you you’re wrong, accept it and move on instead of sitting down and continuing to explain why. You’re right.

The journalist also asked Cook if Google Glass’s lack of significant impact on consumers made him skeptical about a future Apple headset. To this, Tim said many of the company’s products are viewed with skepticism, but he is not skeptical of its innovations.

All of this is generally similar to an imminent announcement of a new device. Rumor has it that it could happen during the Apple developer conference in June 2023.

Source: Ferra

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