Yandex introduced the updated Max Station column, the Smart Home Hub and its own Zigbee-enabled sensors.

Yandex Station Max

The new Station Max supports the Zigbee protocol for smart devices, and in the future it will be compatible with the unified Matter standard.

For the new columns, Yandex engineers have developed their own Zigbee module. It allows you to connect various sensors, bulbs and sockets to the Max.

Zigbee-enabled devices respond faster to companies and can last longer on batteries.

The rest of Station Max remained unchanged. It has five speakers with a total output of 65W, seven microphones and supports Dolby Audio.

The column will be available in four colors: gray, blue, black and burgundy.

Yandex Hub

Yandex Hub is a smart home control module for those who do not have speakers with Zigbee.

You can get various smart home devices to the Hub and create scenarios through the Home app with Alice. You can also connect Yandex Station Mini and Lite to the Hub to give voice commands.

The device works from a network, supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and infrared port.

Smart home sensors


Yandex introduced a sensor for opening windows and doors, movement and lighting, temperature and lighting, protection and a wireless element.

All sensors can be controlled through the House with Alice application. If they are activated, for example, if protection is detected or an outsider enters the house, a push notification will be sent to the smartphone.

Yandex Plus subscription owners also include phone and SMS alerts so you don’t miss out.

Source: Iphones RU

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