Among Russian movies, “Brother” and “Brother 2” take the lead: 18% of the respondents voted for the game based on this movie. For the films “The Last Hero” and “Alyosha Popovich and the Snake Tugarin”, 15% of the gamers received votes. For the game adaptation of “Night Watch”, the movie received 13% of votes despite its release in 2004. Only 9% of respondents voted for the Major Thunder movie series based on the comic book.

Among foreign films and TV series, they voted Sherlock Holmes and Avatar – 22% each, Jumanji – 19%. For “Game of Thrones” – 12%, for “Lost” and “The Walking Dead” – 11% each. At the same time, regarding the now popular TV series “Wednesday”, “Very Strange Things” and “Rick and Morty”, gamers said that they prefer to keep these pictures only on the screen.

Survey respondents consider fantasy and action movies to be the best genres in cinema for games: 21% of gamers voted for it. They also want to act in the script of an adventure movie – 18%, comedy and detective – 17% each. 12% want to see history and great gameplay.

Horror movies and thrillers are equated with melodramas. Games based on them do not attract players equally – only 9% of respondents. None of the voters want to play a tragedy adaptation game.

Source: Ferra

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