An OpenSea marketplace user mixed up the coin and accidentally placed a bet of 100 ETH instead of $100 per NFT, which is distributed to users for free.

A collector accidentally spent $188,000 on a free NFT

In early April, the OpenSea marketplace opened a new section of the site called OpenSea Pro, made possible by the acquisition of the Gem service. It was decided to issue a free “Gemesis” NFT to all original Gem users as a “loyalty reward”. Quickly, collector tokens began to appear on the secondary market priced at $100-300.

An enterprising NFT trader decided to buy the token at the bottom of the market by placing a $100 bet; However, not understanding the interface, he sent a request for 100 ETH or $188,000 at the time of writing. Such a high rate was instantly accepted by the lucky one, who received a round sum for the NFT, which he got for free, on his account. The Ethereum blockchain on which the transaction was made does not have cancellation or return mechanisms, so a trader who made a mistake in choosing a coin will likely never receive the funds back from him.

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However, part of the NFT community refuses to believe in the possibility of such a stupid mistake, because in order to complete a transaction, the user’s wallet must have more than $190,000, a large amount for a beginner. In this regard, some have suggested money laundering and an attempt to defraud tax authorities through NFT trading.


Grigory Shcheglov

Source: RB

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