April 10, 2023 was a day of terror for some Twitter users. Elon Musk’s platform turned out to be so internally broken that nothing that was posted in Twitter circles could be saved. A place where, let’s remember, many users share controversial opinions and sensitive content such as nude.

So it was with the writer Abraham Josephine Risman. who, unfortunately, had to realize the mistake first hand. The night before, Risman posted the image on her Twitter Circle, a self-made list. However, when she woke up the next day to messages and notifications coming from everywhere related to the photo in question, she realized what was happening.

“Yesterday I posted a naked body in Circles and random (totally cute!) someone I don’t follow just liked me” commented Risman on his Twitter account. “Remove your nudity circles!!!” he finished.

But, of course, the Riesman case was not isolated. Other users noticed in a similar way, so the panic spread in just a few hours. Here, users have warned others about the dangers of posting anything in Twitter circlessince the whole world could see the information shared in this section of the social network.

Twitter circles have a very simple definition. This is the space where only the people you previously selected will be able to see the content what you post A feature very similar to Instagram Stories BFFs and is usually used for the same thing: uploading opinions that might cause controversy in the public eye or posting more intimate content.

Twitter is still a mess, and Elon Musk is still focused where he shouldn’t be.

Elon Musk's Twitter logo background

While Twitter is a mess for both users and developers, Elon Musk is still focused on turning the social network into a circus. His latest escapade was to change the company’s generic logo, a small blue bird, into the Dogecoin logo. Luckily, after a few days he is back to normal.

On the other hand, Twitter no longer exists, at least as a company. While Musk hasn’t made an official statement, it was confirmed during a public presentation on April 4 that “Twitter, Inc. merged with X Corp. and no longer exists.” The latter also belongs to the tycoonand its parent company is X Holdings Corp.

So, the failure of Twitter Circles only adds to the list of problems which have been vexing the social network for several months now. From Blue’s bumpy start, to the lack of office rent payments, to the closing of accounts for anyone who dares expose his CEO’s mistakes.

After a difficult start Twitter has managed to become one of the most famous social networks in the sector.. Now it seems that we are at the gates of a new era for the company, and this may be its lowest point in many years.

Source: Hiper Textual

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