Platform best known for hosting newsletters bottom stack published a new resource this Tuesday (11). notes. The solution brings similarities to Twitter and has even led to confusion with Elon Musk.

The new medium allows creators to post text messages on a timeline – something similar to Twitter at work, although it’s more geared towards writers and readers.

With notes, you can post comments, ideas, captions and comments, and add images or animated GIFs. no character limitbut preference is for quick comments.

The timeline consists of: two alternatives — another that only shows notes from authors you follow and mixes those posts with suggestions from other people registered on the platform. The layout is reminiscent of Twitter’s “For You” and “Follow” section.

Mobile version of Notes.

Notes are available in a separate tab in the app and on the website. New posts are not notified directly to subscribers as in newsletters. You must have an account on the platform to participate or just view the broadcasts.

already fought

The announcement of Notes and the start of testing for the new feature caused friction between Substack and Twitter – rather, infuriating the CEO and current owner of the social network, Elon Musk.

The businessman accused Substack of “downloading a significant portion of the Twitter database” and therefore began restricting the visibility of posts containing his rival’s name. Links to it were marked as unsafe, and it wasn’t even possible to search for “substack” in the service.

Musk's sharing of the accusations was denied by the community.

after being rejected By Substack CEO and together Contextualization feature in Twitter itself, Musk seems to have partially eased some restrictions. But the businessman maintains the accusation that the competitor is trying to download a large amount of information from the service.

Source: Tec Mundo

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