Similar to Apple Watch, but 300 euros cheaper: this smart bracelet costs only 42 euros

The HONOR smartband is creating excitement among those looking for an inexpensive and complete watch.

The Apple Watch has competitors for little money and greater usage autonomy.

Request buy an Apple Watch for very little money? I’m afraid this task is not currently possible. The Apple Watch has high cost thanks to the materials used, adapted software and constant updates. But if you want a watch to see the time, read your notifications, listen to music while doing sports and spending very little money, the HONOR hybrid bracelet is for you. the best thing you can buy.

HUAWEI’s sister Chinese manufacturer’s new bracelet, HONOR Band 7, is available on Amazon for only 41.99 euros. It is a hybrid between a bracelet and a smartwatch, with a display similar to the Apple Watch. lots of autonomy, lots of sensors and extreme customization from your control panel.

HONOR Group 7

Buy HONOR Band 7 at discount and save big

One of the first things you notice about the HONOR Band 7 is, 1.47 inch curved glass Amoled display. This means your screen is clear and sharp, and looks great from any angle. Regarding the design, the bracelet elegant and modernmaking it not only a fitness tracking tool, but also a fashion item. It was added in the seventh edition more youthful colors.

honor band 7 screen

HONOR Band 7’s display is Amoled type and looks great outdoors.

In terms of sports tracking, the HONOR Band 7 is impressive. owner 96 sports modes, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, Yoga and many more. The bracelet is able to track and save statistics Take advantage of all these sports and sports activities so you can analyze your performance and improve with each training session. The best activity wristbands usually have this many training modes.

Another outstanding feature of the HONOR Band 7 is, monitor blood oxygen levels. This is especially important for athletes who train at high altitudes or need to monitor their oxygen levels because of a medical condition. Moreover, heart rate sensorthis is essential for monitoring cardiovascular health.

honor band 7 frequency

HONOR Band 7 has a heart rate sensor that can measure 24 hours.

HONOR Band 7 is also a tool for those who want to keep track of their daily activities in a simpler way. pedometer and sleep quality. Step measurement is a useful feature for those who want to make sure they are moving enough during the day, while sleep quality measurement is an indispensable tool for those who want to improve their night’s sleep.

The battery is another strong point of the HONOR Band 7. long-term battery allows you to last 14 days in normal use mode, 10 days in heavy use. This means you don’t have to worry about charging your tracker as often, making it a really useful fitness tracking tool.

HONOR Group 7

What are you waiting for to get your HONOR Band 7? You will not regret this investment on your health and well-being. Buy yours now and start tracking your sports activity exactly.

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