For years, LoFi Girl It has become the favorite company of many students and music lovers to relax. Now, he is no longer alone. The Lofi Girl YouTube channel surprised its followers by introducing a new member of the family, “LoFi Boy”, which he named Synth Boy.

With her new broadcast called “Synthwave radio – chill/play beats”, Lofi Boy sits in front of her computer with headphones, accompanied by a sleepy dog ​​instead of a cat. According to the announcement on the channel’s official Twitter account, Lofi Girl dedicates her life to solving complex physics problems, while Lofi Boy prefers to play video games and explore the wonders of Synthwave.

The difference between lives on the LoFi channel on YouTube is that LoFi Girl features hip hop hit music to aid concentration during classes, while LoFi Boy features synthwave music inspired by video games and movie soundtracks. 80’s and 90’s.

Expansion of the LoFi world

The online community was concerned by the news that the iconic YouTube channel would be subject to change. But to everyone’s surprise, this change has brought a rare new development to the internet: an evolution that hasn’t abandoned the already loved.

Now, the LoFi Girl channel has three different lives. 12 million subscribersoffers a unique musical experience for every moment of the day. The change may be subtle, but LoFi Boy is already winning the hearts of many fans and is becoming a hit among those who love LoFi music.

Source: Tec Mundo

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