Eno Alaric, a user who added hundreds of users to TikTok, has a specific reason: he claims to be a time traveler from 2671. Based on his supposed knowledge of the future, he periodically makes predictions on his social networks.

@radianttimetraveler has been shocking fans for months with their ‘predictions’ of events, from alien invasions to major natural disasters, gateways to other dimensions, and miraculous cures for disease.

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Alaric revolutionized TikTok a few weeks ago by announcing the arrival of a supposed alien to Earth. Now he has done it again, but hand in hand with an event that, according to him, will lead to the death of thousands of people. It’s about the eruption of an American supervolcano.

“A supervolcano will erupt in the western United States, covering the sky with a thick column of smoke and ash,” the alleged time traveler writes in one of his most recent videos.


“Hundreds of thousands of people will die in the explosion, and ash and smoke will rise to the skies across the United States.”

According to Alaric’s calculations, the volcanic eruption will occur a few months later, on July 18, 2023. Before that happens, a major earthquake in the middle of the ocean will dig a trench twice as deep as the Mariana Trench.

Although he did not specify which supervolcano will erupt, the international media have already begun to form their theories. For example, “Mirror” indicates that the self-proclaimed time traveler is referring to the Yellowstone Caldera, which stands still within the famous Wyoming National Park in the western US country.

Although the volcanic eruption was one of the most interesting events for users, it was not the only event. In the same image that published this warning, he also included other situations for the coming months.

He predicted that by April 4 of this year, a bubonic plague would be discovered in the polar caps, which, according to his knowledge of the future, would infect 52,000 people. A little over a month later, on May 12, a perfectly-conditioned dinosaur egg would be found.

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To the list of future states is added the discovery of an ancient civilization hidden in South America, with much more advanced technology. more than existing societies know, and also the emergence of a magnetic field in Africa “so strong that compasses will point there instead of north,” he explained.

Alaric’s words were questioned by many users, especially after the emergence of the hostile alien race he announced weeks ago.

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“The world you call home, Earth, is on the verge of extinction because of a hostile alien species. “The champion” will choose the best people to keep everyone alive,” he wrote in one of his many TikTok clips.

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