These include playing on Xbox, using Edge, purchasing games and apps, searching Bing, and answering surveys. Events that can earn points in Microsoft Rewards. The official program of the Redmond giant is open to anyone with a Microsoft account.

Offered for free, Rewards distributes points exchanged for rewards: Gift Cards to recharge online services, shop from Microsoft Store and partner stores, sample streaming services and much more. Donations can also be made with the accumulated points.

Want to know how it works, what needs to be done to earn points and what rewards are offered? Check out all the information about the program below!

After all, what is Microsoft Rewards?

Released in 2018 to replace Xbox Live Rewards, Microsoft Rewards is Microsoft’s loyalty program. The initiative aims to encourage the use of Windows owner-provided products and services, and in return offer a number of rewards.

By performing the recommended actions, the user accumulates points to exchange for available rewards, which are updated frequently. Just as each perk has a value to use, each mission type gives a different score.

Complete daily missions and challenges to increase your score.

Having a Microsoft account is the basic requirement to participate in Microsoft Rewards. To start earning points, go to the program’s website, log in with your credentials and confirm registration.

If you do not have an account on the platform, you can do this just before joining the program. Later, you will be able to collect points by participating in actions via computer, mobile phone or console and follow the accumulated values ​​in real time.

Check out the main ways to accumulate points

There are several ways to earn points in Microsoft Rewards, remember that you all need to be signed in to your account. Starting with the simplest, it’s worth mentioning searching with Bing on a computer or mobile phone, which can yield an interesting daily score.

This task can bring even more points if searched using Edge, which offers 3 extra points every day, according to the company. Searching on Bing from the Windows search box on the taskbar of the operating system also increases the score, giving it up to 30 points per day.

It is possible to accumulate points in different ways.

Another possibility is to respond to surveys and surveys made available by the tech giant. Offers different amounts of points depending on the complexity of the challenge. All offers and tasks are available on the program page.

Shopping in the Microsoft Store also earns you Microsoft Rewards points. In that case, it’s worth buying programs, games, and gift cards, renting or purchasing movies, and subscribing to services like Microsoft 365, Xbox Live Gold, and Game Pass, among others.

How to earn points faster?

The main tip to enjoy the benefits more often is to access the program’s website daily, check the quests and challenges and participate in all of them. Tracking becomes easier by installing the Microsoft Rewards extension, available in Edge and Chrome versions.

Playing on Xbox also helps you earn points faster by signing in with the same account. There are several daily, weekly and monthly missions accessed directly from the console, noting that the amount of missions and points are higher for Game Pass subscribers as well as those who reach Level 2 (500 accumulated points).

The Xbox app, which runs on Android and iOS, is another place to find challenges and daily quests to quickly collect points. Open the software and keep an eye on it by executing tasks to get even closer to enjoying the benefits offered.

What payouts or rewards are available in Microsoft Rewards?

Now that you know how the Windows owner loyalty program works, how about taking a look at the benefits offered in Microsoft Rewards? There are currently recoveries such as:

  • roblox digital code
  • Xbox gift card
  • Microsoft Gift Card
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • PC Game Pass
  • skype credit
  • Spotify Premium gift card
  • Gift card Centaurus
  • Gift card iFood
  • Netflix gift card
  • Uber gift card
  • Donate to CARE
  • Donate to UNICEF
  • Donate to Pretalab

Microsoft Reward Uses.

It should be noted that the list of rewards changes frequently – always check the current version. Another detail is that the exchange of points must be done on the platform itself, while collecting the necessary points for the desired benefit.

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