State Montana It is the first country in the United States to pass an act in the Legislature. Banned TikTok in the region. Bill SB 419 was passed by Congress last Friday (14) by a vote of 54 to 43.

Now the process is sanctioned. Governor Greg Gianfortefrom the Republican party that will likely sign the sanctions for advising government officials not to use the platform.

what does the law say

If approved, the bill will take effect from January 2024. According to him, residents of the state download forbidden and also prevents digital stores from providing the service in the region. Companies exceeding the measure may be fined up to $10,000 for non-compliance.

However, at least for now, there are no bans for users who already have the app on their mobile phones to continue using the social network.

Why is Montana banning TikTok?

According to the opponents of the platform, TikTok, threat to national security and privacy North Americans. Citizen data has concerns. Accessible by the Chinese governmentin addition to espionage problems and presence of dangerous content On TikTok, as harmful challenges for teens.

Montana congressmen’s concerns about TikTok include a national debate and a recent crusade against the TikTok app. ByteDance. Minister Joe Biden however, in the coming months, it could introduce a national ban on the social network that will replace Montana law and cover the entire region. Another possibility is that selling the app to a foreign company will ease the US’s concerns.

In response, TikTok representatives expressed their regret over the decision. The company claims that it will continue its efforts to continue its operations in the country, as the cessation of operations would violate the rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution, as well as harm users and content creators.

Source: Tec Mundo

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