E-Com Heroes is a joint project of the Founders’ Mondays team (by RB.RU), Artem Goldman, an expert in building a business in the US, and Maxim Spiridonov, a serial tech entrepreneur. This is a closed business community for entrepreneurs who want to launch or scale an eCommerce business abroad. Participation is free, but all candidates are selected to join the community.

New business community E-Com Heroes: all about the entry into foreign e-commerce of entrepreneurs-practitioners

Foreign e-commerce is a promising market for CIS entrepreneurs who think big and do not want to be limited by the possibilities of the home country market. This is especially true for Russia, where in the current situation it is almost impossible to plan for the long term and count on rapid growth.

Why still e-com? During the pandemic, people around the world have been forced to shop online. With the removal of covid restrictions, this habit has been maintained, moreover, the number of sales made online is increasing every year. Overall, analysts expect the average annual growth rate of the global e-commerce market to be 27%, and by 2028 it will reach $70.9 trillion.

E-Com Heroes gives you the opportunity to not wait for a better time and launch an e-com business abroad right now. Entrepreneurs who are part of the community will get verified contractor contacts and up-to-date tools to build a global eCommerce company from scratch or scale an existing business for free.

In addition, the community will regularly host events to make useful connections and solve specific business problems:

  • Hero Day: Closed Online Meetups With Case Studies From Practicing Ecommerce Entrepreneurs;

  • Speed ​​dating: speed business dating to find useful contacts and communications;

  • workshops: closed mini-group meetings to solve specific business problems with curators: experts from the community.

“The goal of E-com Heroes is to connect motivated entrepreneurs who want to enter the global market with those who have already done so”– Artem Goldman, businessman.

“I am convinced that in terms of creativity, willingness to take risks and resilience, Russian-speaking entrepreneurs are among the strongest in the world. And, despite the difficult times we live in, it seems important to me not to forget it. We created this project to allow entrepreneurs to be creative in the world of global business, providing the necessary knowledge and contacts in this area”– Maxim Spiridonov, businessman.

The E-Com Heroes community was created for active entrepreneurs interested in launching an international e-commerce business with sufficient financial resources for it. Therefore, the community is closed and each member candidate is moderated: he fills out a questionnaire and communicates personally with the E-Com Heroes team.

You want to know? Register for the first project meeting, which will be held online on April 20. The mini conference will discuss how to launch an e-com brand in the US from scratch; the speakers will also give you more information about E-Com Heroes and how to get there. Registration is open to everyone.

E-Com Heroes invites experienced e-com entrepreneurs to become speakers at upcoming meetings and share their story with those who are just taking their first steps. To do this, you need to fill out a form: the E-Com Heroes team will contact you.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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