SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk has confirmed plans to create a chatbot competitor ChatGPT and join the AI ​​training race.

Musk confirmed plans to create an alternative to ChatGPT to compete with Microsoft and Google

In an interview on Fox News, Musk said (quoted by Bloomberg) that a “third option” was needed to compete with Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) DeepMind.

The billionaire did not provide details.

Musk worries about Microsoft’s influence over OpenAI, which he said was created as a nonprofit to counter Google but has become a closed company controlled by Microsoft seeking to maximize profits.

In early March, Musk registered X.AI, an artificial intelligence company. The businessman himself headed this company, and also hired Igor Babushkin, who recently left the DeepMind AI division at Alphabet.

ChatGPT is an OpenAI multitasking chatbot, the product launch caused a lot of exaggeration and ethical controversy. In just a few months, the chatbot managed to write many theses, “speak” in court, and pass the US medical license exam.


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