Here are 10 real reasons why your weight won’t drop even if you do everything right.

do you have some kind of disease. Discuss the reasons for being overweight with your doctor. For example, being overweight can indicate Cushing’s syndrome.

Do you do intermittent fasting?. In this case, you may feel very hungry and overeat. While fasting, you may feel very tired and unable to concentrate. So intermittent fasting doesn’t help everyone lose weight. And women need to be especially careful not to disturb the hormonal balance.

You eat snacks that don’t fill you up. Be sure to include protein and fiber-rich foods in your snacks. In this way, you will feel full for longer. An example of such products is pistachios.

You became vegan without a clear plan of action. In this case, it is important to consume enough protein. Many plant foods contain small amounts of protein, but lots of carbohydrates. The latter is not particularly satiating, which leads to overeating and consumption of high-calorie foods. Protein-rich plant sources include tofu, lentils, black beans, dried peas, chickpeas, edamame, nuts, chia seeds, and quinoa.

You order takeout at restaurants or with vegetables. The important thing here is how these vegetables are prepared. Remember that the oil in which vegetables are marinated or cooked can be high in calories. It is better to ask them to steam these products or ask them to add spices / seasonings.

You cut carbs completely. Carbohydrates are fuel. If you don’t take them, this will lead to overeating or feeling tired. Instead, add healthy carbohydrates at every meal: brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa.

take medicine. Some medications can also cause weight gain.

You unconsciously consume extra calories. They can be found in morning coffee, alcoholic beverages, juices.

you have reached a plateau. In this case, review your diet to make sure you’re eating in a calorie deficit. So you consume less than you burn.

you are impatient. Losing weight is a gradual process that requires hard work, patience and dedication. Losing 1-2 pounds (i.e. 0.5-1 kg) of weight per week is believed to be safe.

News cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Consult an expert before making a decision.

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