WhatsApp announced today (19) users will get a tool to automatically share statuses on Facebook Stories. With the option enabled, it will no longer be necessary to manually repost photos, videos, GIFs, text and more on the social network.

The update will begin rolling out to people around the world in the coming weeks. To receive the news, you need to keep the messenger up to date and have Facebook or Facebook Lite installed on your mobile.

And one of the possibilities of the function is if there are multiple posts in cases, It will be possible to choose which updates are published on Facebook as well..

According to WhatsApp, the new option will be rolled out after feedback from users who want it easier to share status on Facebook as well.

When people get the news, sharing is turned off by default. That is, you will need to access the WhatsApp menu to turn on the function.

Source: Tec Mundo

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