Coral reefs are initially an indicator that is sensitive to the slightest negative changes wa wa wa An increase in the water temperature in the oceans of an increased population of symbiotic algae, which increases the immunity of corals to plants and eventually dooms them to death. No less harm is caused by an increase in CO2 levels – an increase in the acidity of the incoming reef water even more.

The joint project of Google and representatives of the marine fauna and flora of Steve Simpson and Mary Shodipo to save coral reefs is aimed at attracting concerned Internet users to it.

Very little is required from the participants – observations, even for a few minutes a day … listen to the recordings of sounds made by the inhabitants of coral reefs and amplified cores by underwater microphones on the project website. Recordings were found in the coral reef region off the coasts of Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, the US, c.

Participation does not require preparation: in the vicinity of “healthy” reefs, an abundance of sounds made by numerous inhabitants reigns – and, on the contrary, there are much more around dysfunctional reefs.

For example, if a project participant heard his sound in headphones, which, in his opinion, is emitted by a crustacean, then it must correspond to the corresponding screen setting. When registering, several participants received data at once in order to automate the process.

According to S. Simpson, it is not possible for a single or special study to listen to a huge number of recordings, and this cannot be done without voluntary assistants. The obtained and generalized data are used in computer equipment for automatic listening to fish “voices”.

Source: Tech Cult

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